The great priest Rajamantran and General Durjan watched the press conference as it was being addressed by the big man Aaham on television. He was exhibiting to the press reporters the letter signed by the state governor.

 “The disciplined and loyal officer of the Indian army could no longer remain mute spectator to the deteriorating law and order situation in the most progressive state of our country”, he writes, “It has been a great honor to serve this country as a member of the armed forces and as a result of my dedication to the nation you appointed me a guardian of the state.  But as a humble representative of the President of the country I find it difficult to serve any longer should the ministry headed by Pratap continue to rule. They have not been able to contain the wide spread terror and violence.  The thugs and the terrorists have made their home every where in the state. The common man is always living under the fear of death .There has been a complete failure of the state administrative and police machinery. Under such circumstances I have no other alternative but to recommend the dissolution of the assembly and dismissal of the existing ministry. I also recommend the imposition of the president’s rule in the state, till the fresh elections are held”. He saw the press scribes furiously jotting down every single word spoken by the home minister Aaham.

He continued “fourth estate had expressed apprehensions on the eve of last elections, that our party might rig the elections; which was proved to the contrary. We have always been a supporter of good democratic traditions. You saw it for yourself the election was held in a very conducive and peaceful atmosphere. Again; there were misgivings that we may not hand over the power to the people’s party.  We withdrew ourselves gracefully and bowed to the decision of the electorate. We decided to provide a responsible opposition, an alter ego of the common man of this country.  But it is the safety and security of the life and property of the common folks that has been put to threat by the ministry headed by our friend Pratap.   The state administration’s failure to ensure the free and secure life to the common man in the event of recent spate of killings has forced, even an ardent patriot like Colonel Bangru to ask for the dissolution of the state assembly”.

 One of the scribes raised his hands to draw the attention of the home minister Aaham.  Colonel Bangru who was sitting on the head chair along with the speaker of the day  motioned the journalist to remain silent, “the press of our democratic country has always been quite conscious of its duty towards the society and we shall answer all your doubts and queries. We shall also request you to educate the people and the electorate of the state as to why we have been virtually cornered to take such an extreme step”, the home minister Aaham carried on. “I am personally here to ensure the reassignment of peace in the state through fresh polling.  The schedule for which will be made public soon after consultation with the election commission”.

The press correspondent got up from his seat and raised his hand again “if you will permit me sir!”

The home minister Aaham covered the mike he was holding with his hand. He spoke a few words on the side to Colonel Bangru and came back to the member of the press, “you can ask me any thing friend”.

“Is it not true sir that you are here to bless the weddings of some of the extremists and terrorists supported by the shrine? Does that mean the central government has had a truce with the activists of the shrine? It is alleged that some of these extremists are behind the spread of current violence in the state”.

 “Of course I am here to attend the social cause supported by the sage Rajamantran. He has every year married off couples from poor families. Young ones from the poor and downtrodden families gather every year on a particular day to enter marital bliss. All such marriages are organized under his blessings. In fact we must reserve all praise for such a great social act performed by the shrine.  It will be wrong on our part to dub a pious and a religious man as an extremist. He had simply shown his anguish at the failing of the state machinery in protecting minorities’ interests. We shall soon find out the hands behind killings. But I do not agree that our priest Rajamantran has any thing to do with this”.

 The great priest Rajamantran who had been watching all this on television was not too amused by the announcement for new election schedule made by the home minister Aaham.   The home minister Aaham knew the fact very well that their mutual understanding did not include another farcical election called upon them by the usurpers of authority. The home minister Aaham and his cohort of a governor had dismissed an authority that had been given to the common man by the very constitution which they were objecting to. Now that he has been able to get rid of his rival Pratap and his ministry; he is talking of going to polls again. The great priest Rajamantran felt used by the home minister Aaham. He looked at facial expressions of General Durjan. He could see the pain and anguish being reflected on his face. He thought, “This is a complete turn around by the home minister Aaham. The politician will always remain a scoundrel.  This one proved that he was no exception. He was completely ignoring the aspirations of the nation to come into a glorious limelight that it once enjoyed. The great shrine’s contribution and the sacrifices of some of his boys will not be allowed to go waste at the ambitious alter of merely winning or losing of the election by the wily plotter”.

 As if General Durjan could read the mind of his mentor, “We have not created the army of dedicated young men and women to be discarded by the rascal of a schemer politician in such an unceremonial fashion. We have given the promises of a glorified self rule to the trusting masses. What do we explain to them? The new election agenda proposed by this traitor will spell out our moving out of the sanctum sanctorum .we will once again be relegated to the ignominious living through the begging bowls once again. This man has been corrupted by the taste of the uninterrupted political power for so many years. That is what it seems to me”.

“If you permit me sir; we can show him the mighty power of the creed. We will not allow his plan of fresh elections to be implemented. The perpetuators of faith will snatch the power from the denizens of politics. We will make the faith stronger than the dreams these brokers of a few seats in the corridors of power are able to sell. We have to tell this man that a point of no return means going ahead with our plans even if a few heads fall on the way”.

The great priest Rajamantran contemplated for a while and spoke, “Yes but I do not want to eliminate him at this stage. His presence in the echelons of ruling corridors will be useful when it comes to controlling the different factions of our own community.  I have always believed that the flag pole should not be removed till the final race is won. We will use him as a flag pole to remind us of the miles to be covered by us”. “You should ask Hassan to send four of the boys to deal with him and no killing please”.