We are a   nation that evolved itself through many successes, trials and tribulations of human intellect and soul. We have a history that speaks of a great culture of Aryans, of Ramayana and of Mahabharata, and many other such epics. We at the same time speak of the subjugation of the mind and thought   by centuries of slavery and being ruled by foreigners. But a nation’s efforts to develop itself are never thwarted by the happenings in the past. On the contrary, the past becomes the compass directive for future progress and future growth.  We while keeping our inheritance in mind have to take progressive steps in the direction that takes us to the pinnacles of glory in all our civilizing and humanizing achievements for our future generations.

India attained political freedom in 1947 but economic freedom came to India only in 1990 when the country   resolutely decided to begin the fiscal reforms to bring about the revolutionary liberalization and globalization in all its institutions of economic growth. The all round development in Past twenty years have taken us to an enviable position amongst the developed nations of the world.  The farsighted foresightedness of the liberal economic thoughts of some of our planners and leaders has resulted into double digit growth in our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The growth has also come about due to the efforts of the common Indian citizen who has been dedicatedly, diligently and intelligently investing his might into this yagna of taking the nation ahead in this competitive world of international consumerism.  India today is a nation whom the west has recognized. India today is a proud country of 120 or so billions whom American president acknowledged as equals. Indeed a proud moment for all of us. But it is also the time to introspect, to reflect and to charter our next course of action. The nation when basking itself in the grandeur of GDP should not become oblivious of its responsibility towards building a strong youth power for the country.

The Indian youth power whether in the urban or rural has to be made contributive in the big challenge that lies ahead of us. The economic growth that India is achieving consistently should be so spread out that our youth gets empowered, and channelized to keep the momentum going. And that will come only if we think big, only if we accommodate every living being without the consideration of caste, creed, regionalism, and segment.  It will come only when we think big.  The bigness should also include reaching out to the talented, the hard working and the enterprising irrespective of their cultural background. The golden bird that India had been called earlier had lost its sheen because it was divided nation. But today India is a single Indian with his sight set on the path to bring back the lost sheen. Yes the economic feat will make other nations take notice of us; it will make them say that India is a super power. But it is our collective stream of thought that will make them say “India is a great nation”. This Indian stream of thought must be big enough to accommodate all, to have room for the differences in religion, in ethnicity and in language. The stream of thought must be big enough to think of the welfare of the every single citizen of this country, and of the flora and fauna that provides beautiful nature to people inhabiting this great country.