The recent spate of incidents of hapless women falling victim to the lecherous  and depraved rapists lead us to a question mark on the men’s attitude towards women. Women in all ages and cultures  have always been considered a weaker person, a weaker sex,  and inferior to the menfolk allowing mankind to believe that they  can do anything that they want to do with women. women have actually been auctioned as a commodity, offered as pawn in the  gambling, traded as property , have been a subject of war and a subject that could be ridiculed, exploited and even violated physically and spiritually.

men have been rendering a mere sympathetic lip service to the violation of woman’s body and mind . We know that a thousand ships were launched to win over a face in the Greek kingdoms. Similarly we also know that the origin of Mahabharata can some where be attributed to the lecherous old men of Dhratarashtra’s court, who remained silent when Draupadi was being disrobed by the dirty hands of Dushasna .These grand old men   were none else but the grandfathers, uncles, cousins, and teachers of Kurus and Pandavas  families . Oh what a shame…the woman…the mother of all….has to suffer the same fate in every civilization….in every society.

Men say the women call for it . Men will find millions of reasons to shift the blame to women .They will often hold women responsible. They will say these are the women in media, the women are too fashionable  . They will even question the length and the breadth and the style of the clothes worn by women.  Some of them may even go to the extent of saying, “why should a woman travel  alone/with friend/with family after the fall of darkness  as has  been told by many in the case of  Delhi Girl.

The men-kind will never agree that    they need to change  their outlook towards  women. They will scoff when they would be told to look   up at woman’s face when talking to her    and not a few inches below her face. they will ogle at the woman going past them on the road, in the trains, in the buses and howl and scowl when some one else looks at the woman that they are travelling or going  with.

The men-kind will have to agree that  though they  happen to be  liberated and so called educated yet we remain enslaved  to our dirty glances and sex filled mindsets. A mere figure covered in female clothes becomes an object that can  distract  the man from the most serious work or situation of his life time.

It is time that the man realizes  that a woman is not merely a sexual figure but that she has an identity and personality   that  should make her an equal partner in the journey of life.The hands that have rocked the cradles of all men that have been born into this world for centuries should  be strengthened by men only ….by reorienting their outlook towards women of the world.