jai sri krisna

“For one who has realized it here (in this world), there is true life.  For one who has not, great shall be the loss.”

The arduous task of  writing any thing on Gita is   obviously very soul stirring and an inspiring task assigned by Lord Krishna Himself to any one whosoever has written any thing on the subject or has commented on Gita and its teaching pertaining to the philosophy of life .

I have always felt that God himself wants  me to explore the yet unraveled mysteries of the emotions, that make the essence of the human psyche. The Holy- Book  of Sri Bhagwad Gita  I believe is   an exploratory research into the emotional psyche and the turbulent mindset of Arjuna, the favored disciple of Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna’s  teachings  to Arjuna are the laid down philosophy of life by the Creator Himself . In this philosophy of life as preached by God Himself, man has been educated on the path he must chose  for himself  to reach the Supreme Truth  . Though all paths lead to the Almighty but each path has its own systems, principles, emotions,  prescribed or the proscribed  thoughts, actions , the way of life and the meditation . It is up to the devotee to make his path chosen an easy one or the one with greater levels of difficulty  to find deliverance from the mundane life full of emotional turmoil and the struggle and attain integration with the Supreme.

I am by the grace of the Lord Krishna a fellow  devotee travelling with you to this journey to enlightenment about the pious supreme soul and seek assimilation within the Merciful God – the Lord Krishna .

Prof. Ramneek Kapoor , ramnik123kapoor@gmail.com