Mr. Kapoor has developed unique interactive modules on Management Development Program in Leadership, Managerial skills, and Decision Making. This program has been receiving excellent ratings from participants wherever it has been conducted by us. Participants have expressed their desire to conduct this program for their colleagues from other departments too within their organization. 

 Maximising Leadership  Potential Objectives

Ø  To identify reasons for leadership in dynamic globalized economy.

Ø  To provide self-assessments of various leadership styles important for effective leading through intensive exercises.

Ø  To identify ways to develop effective leadership qualities through management games, film shots, and small skits.

Ø  To identify ways in which self empowerment can be attained and effectively dispersed.

Ø  To strengthen positive transformational coaching, mentoring, counseling, and empowering skills to reinforce and maximize leadership effectiveness. Contents

Ø  Exercise on leadership styles.

Ø  Traits and qualities of effective leaders.

Ø  Effective leadership behaviors.

Ø  Leadership films.

Ø  Leadership games.

Ø  Leadership skits.

Ø  Self empowerment leadership power bases.

Ø  Strategic leadership. The Participants

This program is directed at the junior, middle, and senior management levels who are already leading teams. This program has also proved a great help for the executives identified to take up the leadership and managerial positions in future.

Managerial Skills and Decision Making Objectives

Ø  To analyze current managerial and decision making styles of participants.

Ø  To identify challenges to managerial skills of futuristic organizations and managers.

Ø  To identify necessary skills and competencies for managerial roles.

Ø  To develop conceptual and human communication skills of managers.

Ø  To understand, establish, and develop performing teams.

Ø  To understand effective managerial decision-making techniques.

Ø  To develop highly effective decision making styles. Contents

Ø  Understanding new globalized economy.

Ø  Understanding new dynamic comprehensive customer focused organizations.

Ø  Understanding the concept of value creation.

Ø  Traditional managerial skills.

Ø  Skills for becoming internationally adaptable and contributing managers.

Ø  Understanding and adopting human communication skills.

Ø  Managing team skills-Creating fusion.

Ø  Establishing performing teams.

Ø  Understanding managerial cerebral process of decision making.

Ø  Understanding the process of rational decision making.

Ø  Implementing decision making.

Ø  Understanding decision making styles.

Ø  Optimal decision making grid.

Ø  Managerial film shorts , games and skits. The Participants

The program is directed at managers at all levels seeking to enhance their managerial effectiveness and decision making.