Mr. Ramneek Kapoor is a well known international author of fiction and management books. He is a reputed  trainer in the areas of sales, marketing, international marketing , strategy,  management of human relations at the work place, leadership, communication skills and other soft skills.

Ramneek Kapoor is the best-selling author of seven books, wielding influence in all aspects of marketing and sales management across the globe . His biography finds place in The Marquis Who’s Who in the World, (29th edition) published from USA.He has been declared ” the 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century” by International biographical Center, Cambridge. Kapoor is named the ” TOP 100 EDUCATORS OF THE WORLD 2012 “by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge England. He is the PhDs thesis examiner of Department of Management , Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh. (U.P.)
He is an International author of fiction, Maddening Corridors of Intrigues published by Publish America,Baltimore, United States, series of management books, Fundamentals of Sales Management published by Macmillan .International Marketing Text and Cases , Communication for Retail Professionals published by Mcgraw-Hill , Services Marketing published by Mcgraw-Hill, Managerial Skills published by Path-makers , Consumer Behavior under publication by Mcgraw-Hill .
Hardcore sales and marketing professional , marketing trainer. Specialized Training and Coaching on Leadership and Motivation, Managerial skills , Corporate Governance ,Analytical thinking, sales management salesmanship, Marketing Communication,Life management skills and healthy mindsets, effective human resource utilisation, Objective thinking and Law of attraction.
Mr. Kapoor has   oragnised Leadership training sessions for senior executives in companies e.g., BSNL, LIC, CAPARO GROUP, NICHOLAS PIRAMAL, INDORE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION, ROTARY CLUB and many others who have all given excellent ratings to my training modules and the style of delivery.
Trainer and consultant in strategy, International Marketing, Managerial Skills, Export-Import Management.Kapoor has  been associated with IIM Indore as a visiting faculty for Management Development Program in Export import management for three years.


– Author of seven management books
– International author of fiction
– Professor of Marketing, International Marketing,Services marketing , Sales management , Managerial skills , Consumer behavior, Business strategy, and Leadership
– Marketing and Sales management trainer
– Trainer in Managerial skills
– Trainer in Life management skills and healthy mindsets
– Trainer in Objective thinking and Law of attraction
– Trainer in Leadership and Objective Decision making

Besides, he is also actively involved with many other management institutes of India as a visiting and adjunct faculty. He has presented many papers related to sales and marketing in various national and international seminars.

Kapoor holds an MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune, with International Marketing Specialization. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management from  Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Dr. Rajinder Prasad Institute of Communication and Management, Bombay, and a post graduate degree in English literature from Punjab University, Chandigarh.

Currently Mr. Kapoor is DIRECTOR KOTHARI GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS,Indore .He has also worked as

Principal, Omegan School of  Business  Indore.

Kapoor is the author of international novel “Maddening Corridors of Intrigues“. It is the story of young girl, Koena, who out of her simple trusting nature falls in love with a cunning man. This man loves her; however, he brings disaster on her community and country. She faces his evil deeds stoically, yet eventually comes out victorious in the end. Koena makes a very bold decision when she is torn between the dilemma of choosing between her love for her country and her love for the man in her life. Ranjit, the vagrant son of a police officer, moves from arms courier to terrorist of international disrepute through the hands of a wily religious head and a crafty retired army General. It is his hunger for an illusive name and fame that makes him travel through the role of kidnapper, to drug peddler, to international sex dealer. His journey in the end perverts him to a murderer of humanity.

Kapoor is the  Co-author of the book ( along with Prof. Ashraf Rizvi ) ” Communication for Retail Professionals “, published by Tata Mcgraw-Hill. It is an ideal text book for short term certificates and diploma courses in Retailing Management.The book is an  attempt to cater to the communication needs of the retail professionals.

Kapoor is the Co- author of the bestselling book (alongwith Prof.Justin Paul)  “International Marketing Text and Case Studies”, published by McGraw-Hill.

The book has found global acceptance in many countries. It has been accepted as the core text book by Nagoya University, Japan.

Kapoor is the author of a bestselling book on sales management titled Fundamentals of Sales Management, published by Macmillan India limited.

Mr Kapoor is the best selling author of the book  Services Marketing: Concepts & Practices  published by Tata Mcgraw-Hill Limited .