Koena opened her eyes after she had heard the chirping of two sparrows. The sparrows had entered into their bed room through the half open ventilator. The young tweeting birds were looking for a safe and secure place to build their nest somewhere within the room. They were carrying the bits of grass in their mouths. The birds conducted a thorough inspection of the place they were going to make their home. They encircled the bed room all over and eventually settled for the small empty but secure breathing space inside the canopy of the unused fan hung on the ceiling. The lady bird flew out again to pick up some more bits of grass while her male companion   bird got busy setting up the earlier brought bits of grass into their new home.  They had selected this place for laying eggs and bringing their offspring into the world.

Koena continued watching   the male bird closely.  She noticed that the male bird too was amused at knowing the fact that a female of human species has shown a keen interest in him. The male bird spread both its wings and danced for a while in order to impress the lady of the house. It was as if he was requesting her that he should be allowed to have his temporary residence within the precincts of her private domain.  He also sang a short melodious bird song for sometime. Finally after satisfying himself that the lady will not mind their setting up an abode within their sleeping room; he flew out of the room to call his ladybird of his house back.

That reminded Koena to look around for her companion too. He has been missing from their marital bed. She vividly remembered the night long session of lovemaking with him. She was at first reluctant to get physically closer enough to him. She had felt too shy to ward off his amorous approaches. She had pushed him gently away as he kissed her on the lips. “I must talk to you about an important subject matter and please come near me “he pulled her towards the bed and put his arms around her. The softness of the touch    melted her in no time. After then it all continued like a dream sequence. He did not even allow her take out her night gown. He mounted her and as he entered her, the pain had become too much to bear.  She let out a loud cry but remembering others were too staying in the house; she had controlled herself by putting her hand over her mouth. The rhythmic movements soon turned her pain into the enjoyable ride and then it became like a deep swim into the ocean gradually engulfing her in its wonderful explosions which came one after the other.  She had lost count of the number of times they made love to each other. Late into the night, almost when the night was too close to dawn, their sweet tiredness brought an instant sleep to both of them and they were lost into each others arms.