Hardly would there be a man or a woman in India who would not have expressed anguish  , shock and the anger over the incident that took place in a moving city bus in Delhi yesterday. The goondas, the rapists-and the   woman eating wolves have been on the prowl in the capital of the country. India is  a country that has always been addressed to as the Mathrubhumi or the land of the mother goddess, yet India is also a country where each mother is worried today about her daughter and even about her own self.  Every time a woman or a girl  leaves her home, she is afraid of her safety. She can be subjected to harassment, physical abuse, rape, loot or even  brutal torturous assault by the mad men on the go who have always been   protected by the long winding legal system of the country, the political godfathers, and even the members of the police many a times. The victim is made to suffer many a deaths if she decides to seek legal redress to her insult and injury. And who are these people  subjecting the woman to die many deaths. . They are the men who should not be called the members of the human tribe because the   behavioral traits that they exhibit in violating the sacred privacy and the sanctity of a woman’s pious body  do not display either the human- social   or the animal like  tendencies.    . Even an animal or a bird will seek the female nod before indulging into the act of cohabitation. Such persons  who have raped the poor girl and   have brutally assaulted her and her companion in the bus ,  can simply be called the  demons and they need to be eliminated from the surface of the earth before they  find another hapless Innocent  and become violent again.     We the citizens of the country would make a strong and sincere appeal to the Delhi administration, and the The Supreme court of India  to provide speedy justice to the poor girl and her companion by summarily trying the demons who had perpetrated the heinous crime and ordering their exemplary punishment.