ISBN-13: 978-1448914203Paperback: 358 pages, Publisher: Publish America (November 18, 2009

It is the story of young girl Koena, who out of her simple trusting nature falls in love with a cunning man. This man loves her; however he brings disaster on her community and country. She faces his evil deeds stoically, yet eventually comes out victorious in the end. Koena makes a very bold decision when she is torn between her love for her country and her love for the man in her life. Ranjit, the vagrant son of a police officer, moves from arms courier to terrorist of international disrepute through the hands of a wily religious head and a crafty retired army general. It is his hunger for an illusive name and fame that makes him travel through the role of a kidnapper to drug peddler, to international sex dealer.   His journey in the end perverts him to a murderer of humanity.

The book is a chilling tale of the perversions and degradation of public life through the intriguing and macabre plots that, politicians like Aaham the home minister, and religious heads like Rajamantran  take resort to, to keep themselves in power. That one small time shrine head could have so much influence on the political, civil and police systems of a grand country is beyond an ordinary citizen’s comprehension. Yet somewhere integrity, honesty and morality does shine out like a small sun shine on heavily clouded day in the characters of Pratap or police chief Nirbhaya. Even though their voices are throttled it helps the reader reiterate his faith in human goodness that can be seen in the characters of Meena and Tanwar, the trusted deputies of police chief Nirbhaya.

The readers find it very grasping saga and tale of international terrorism and political intrigues. They find it difficult to put the book away, once they start reading.