Life is good. It has been good all along. And while I had been saying to myself that it has been my own doing; in so doing I have been slighting over the person responsible for providing this goodness of life to me. That person who I knew as the force that pervades all over the universe has been the one who holds every man’s hand and directs it towards either the good or the evil doings of life. I have been lucky enough to find only the good doings. Touch wood,He never ever forced me to get into the bad points. That is so because I trusted Him always. Even while undergoing trials and tribulations set forth by Him for me. I have lived into the best of times. For I always knew that He is taking care of my interests over my shoulders. He has always held my hands. He has been graceful and I pay my gratitude to Him today when He has once again like the indulgent father handing over a piece of chocolate to the demanding child , has handed over to me the fame of getting published as an international author .
People who have had an excellent life, an enviable assortment of goodies in their life time often forget that there exists a force that had been benevolent enough to dole it out to them every thing that they ever aspired for. While they all enjoy this excellence they should also see if they have been able to accumulate those things that God wanted them to collect along with the goodies of lifetime…. At this juncture of happiness and over brimming sense of achievement, I want to take stock of the things that He wanted me to accept as the value additions to my humble self. I realize that I lack into many aspects. That kind of tells me that though I am earning a name and fame but I lack in terms of gaining a self respect in my own eyes.
I feel that I need to go little more humble in my attitude to build up my own self-respect. I should never say things that I can never take back from others, in order to ensure that along with my self respect each person that comes across me also retains his dignity. I wish I can make every one feel good about themselves, the same way that I am now feeling about myself.

I also want to ensure that I do not act as self righteous always but provide an equal opportunity to others too to express themselves. I must present to them a complete picture of my humility. I must not act as ever out of my bloated ego, I pray to Him to help me in keeping check on my oversized sense of importance.
I pray to Him to provide me with the patience, because I am left with very little. I have always felt that things must materialize instantly. I forget that He knows the right timings and the opportunity will come as and when he desires it. I must continue doing my own things, and at the same time trusting Him to deliver the way I wanted every thing to happen.
I would seek from Him the loads and loads of — compassion. I need it at so many times and places in my life and when I do not show one where it is much needed, I feel ashamed of myself. And that again hits at my self respect. .

I know why it has taken me so long to get rewarded. He has been busy taking care of the others’ similar needs or who were possibly in more urgent and dire need than me. So I would request Him to bestow on to me the sense of understanding the needs of others. They must be taken care of first. I know that my time will come when others have been provided for.
The cups of joy are in HIS hands and these cups do not ever get empty, they just keep on distributing.