I’ve always come across successful people telling me stories from their past, the stories that generally speak of their hard times,  stories that come from their  battered soul of past baggage of hard times that they had to face . They also speak endearingly of the people who have been helpful to them and deploringly of the people who had made their bad times all the tougher times for them.  I’d like to sit by such successful people listen to their stories of their struggle to reach the success ladder sans their habit of pitying their own past.  The stories – delivered by such people want to make others see the image of their hard times and the perseverance they had to put in to succeed. They want to make others cry with them and may be laugh too. They want to take the listeners   through their journey emotionally, physically and many a times stirringly with the use of the words that evoke pity and sympathy for the storyteller. I’d like to listen to their tales of bravery of facing the adversity with fortitude. I had like to stir up my soul by such great tales of achievement and transform myself. I would definitely however not want my life to present to me the handicaps that they had to face.  I had always wanted to be able to achieve what the great writers, the great scientists, the brave warriors and the successful people had achieved. But I do not want to imagine how the great writers must have felt dejected and powerless when their scripts and manuscripts had been rejected by the publishers many a times before finally accepting for publication.

I sometimes feel the sordid tales of the earlier failures, spoken after one had achieved success bring down the very celebration of the achievement. The greats must offload the past baggage of all kinds and speak of the enjoyment of the success alone to present a very positive picture of the achievers of the world. It’s something I’d like to develop for myself too.

It has although been said that our sweetest songs are those that tell of the saddest thoughts.  But it appears to me that the tragedy writers of erst years wanted to make use of their past baggage of their own lives in wringing the sympathy of the readers. They wanted to create the emotional highs and lows, and sketched the stories of human powerlessness and failure. It could have also become a golden goose for them helping them earn the lucre in return. But I bet the story of success of the bravery and of the achievement will always get more listeners and the soiled tales of hard times, of dejections, of rejections, of penury, of heartbreaks and of letdown will obviously put people away.

I think we all have to put away the burdens of the past failures, unload the heaviness from our chest and live life to enjoy the success that we have had so far.  Let us look at the good things of the life which we have earned after we taste the success.

“But it’s hard to drop the past”,   people will normally talk about.  “We are very emotional persons. How can we forgo the truth of our lives? How will my children know what struggle I went through?  I don’t like to give a false idea to my children that every thing in life is hunky dory “, are some of the response that have come from highly successful  people whenever I have asked them to let forgo of their past baggage and live in present.

Everybody has many facets to their past. Some of these experiences could be good, some could be bad.    And my life had been no different. But I confess that I often feel shy and reserved talking about my past rejections and failures.  Obviously, I feel exposed and naked to the glare of the listener. To me  it appears that  even if he is   my friend, my close associate,  why should he know  that there has been  another aspect of my life that I find it difficult to present in the current scenario  .

It’s however different when I’m discussing about my achievements. I’m in total control of that situational discussion. I don’t think about anything. I know that I want to speak only the positives. I want to shine out there and I love every minute of adolescent behavior that I put up about my success.    I’m actually relaxed then. I feel nice. Every moment has to be savored here. The exhilaration has to be in place for you to feel good of the achievement.

I don’t know why we should always think of the negatives of the past to enjoy the positive of the present. Let us drop the baggage of the past into – the sea of the unknown.  Let us put it back into someone’ else’s garage thinking it must have happened to some other person who was a weak fellow.

Sometimes when you’ were  treated unfairly it  must have made  you stronger and more determined, the reason for your current success lies therein and let that strength and determination become the visible factor in your personality now that you take pleasure in  the glory of accomplishment.

May be your past was a dreadful time; you finally overcame the difficulties you had become stronger. You now realize what it means to have a spirit that can not be crippled by adversity. You are the one who are controlling your life now in a more positive fashion. You are never going to let what happened in the past happen again. That is why I want you to admire your own strength and not the weakness of the past.

I believe achievers should become an example of positives to the admirers, to their audiences. Let others imagine from your current status what a person can do if he only tries.  You owe it to your self to throw away the baggage of the past tragedy and present a picture of strength and bravery to everyone around. You must be fair to your spirit of triumph.

To me, nothing is more important than feeling the delight of success and making people happy. Your current story of achievement will give them a release from their problems and worries. It will help them to lighten their load.  Why should you want them to say,”Poor guy how hard he suffered in his life “?  I had rather prefer words like, “is it not marvelous that he had a great time. That’s what life is all about. What a wonderful life”.