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Perfecting the great future:

A great deal of uncertainty exists in the future of the men and women who are not sure of their own faith in themselves and the faith in the Almighty that takes care of the world at large. We all know that He is benevolent. He is very kind hearted and always a giver yet we do not know how to ask Him to lead us to our destination. In our busy schedule finalizing education streams, finishing schools thereafter and then going for job hunting and money making we have always kept the rock of faith away from us. That rock of faith is the God, the Christ, the Allah, the Ram and the Waheguru who allot the positions and pelf to the mortals of this world. He is the forecaster for all of us and somewhere in His balancing of the balance sheets of all our lives, He, had made provisions for all the good things for all human beings otherwise how is it possible that some of us who had an unflinching faith in Him always got the best of that we  had ever dreamed .

Asking from the Almighty is an activity that needs to be done in good faith and humility. Let us all believe that His stores are abundant, there is no dearth of whatever we are asking Him to give it to us. We can improve our lives by getting into the mindset of the growth mode. Let our minds imagine that He is there in front of us, like an indulgent father listening to our demands, we must be very focused on our requests. How can He ignore the growth that we ask for? Is it not every father’s duty to see his children flourish? It is only children who need to be clear and precise. They should not need to look at many more variables to ask for. The almighty will take care of the one we are intense about, the other smaller ones will automatically follow,” .He offers it all to us. He says, “You decide your destination and then leave the rest to me, I will steer you through provided you move ahead on the path with full faith in yourself first and then an unflinching trust in me”.

He says,  “I do not test you ever. The roads  of the human life on this  earth have been paved with the  zigzag pathways ,straight runways,  blind curves, the pebbles and the traffic blocks by man himself , so let man first gain the confidence of clearing all these blockades by his own strengths and then he must come to me. I will guide him through like I guide all my rivers, streams, and the seas. I will lead him through the mountains and the hills like I take the gentle   wind through all the walls of the universe. He says let man have faith in my darkness and also the light that I have created. I have always given him the bright day after the deep darkness of the night. I have never let him down. I have always stood by him. It is only his fickle mind that moves his faith away from my powers.  I want him to come back to me with complete trust. Let him know that I am there to take care of my sons and daughters”.

Praying in all humility should become an activity for all of us which will help us in recasting, our confidence in HIS benevolence. We must know that HE can turn every impossible to a possible for us. We must create a strong bond between us and the CREATOR by making him aware of our confidence in Him.

He has to cope with billions of such demands on him .But He has all his eyes and ears toward his children only. But He is busy creating different versions of the future that the mankind asks for from him. So we will have to be a little patient with our demands. All our demands will be met. It is only some of us must have made contacts with Him prior to others of us. He does not accord any other priority but the priority of time. He knows when it is due for us and then He will give it to each one of us the wealth that we have asked for.  Our demands on him change every second, every hour and every week. Can you imagine any company, any manufacturer meeting the demands of their customers who keep changing their forecasts yet God does it. He keeps track of all our indents. We must however be patient and allow him the necessary time to deliver. He will surely deliver. No one ever has gone empty handed from his stockyard, his stocks are abundant. However keep your bags ready when he delivers for all you know it must be you next in the line. He keeps distributing in sickness and in health, in dark and in light. He does not ask for a holiday. He does not ask for a lunch break. He does not ask for rest off. He is constant, he is continuous, he is everlasting, and it is only we who find it difficult to keep pace with Him. Either we are in too much of a hurry or we simply abandon. Both of the extremes do not go well with his scheme of things. He who sits on top of this universe knows his clock best. He knows when it is our turn and then the clock chimes for us bestowing all his glorious goodness of abundance on us. He is just waiting for us to regain our lost faith in his benevolence and our own capabilities and then get up and get going towards a perfect future.

GET up and get going -13

Inertia – the route to killing self

I am tempted to quote verbatim the comments made by one of my blog readers

Plans are nice to read, but difficult to get done. World is not so smooth place to live-in; external factors are always there to crumble your internal wishes! Particularly in this materialistic world, financial hurdles don’t allow common people (like me) to achieve our dreams. One may say, we have no guts to achieve what we dream. But at the end of the day, when I think of spending sometime in blogging or reading an interesting book a sense of job insecurity creeps into my mind spoiling all other interest” .

Death of human physical being is certain. It has its fixed time, place and the manner. It can come through accident, disease, destruction and even destiny. But many a times we tend to invite an untimely blow of sudden death to our souls and inner selves. That happens when we stop growing instead we start the downward spiral of mental de- growth.  We lose not only interest in every thing around us but we also end up distancing ourselves from our desired for and intended goals in our life. This may happen because we have lost interest in surroundings around us or it may happen since we are tempted to opt for the security of our cushy jobs and the perks attached to it. But the worst situation comes when we do no take any initiative because of the fear of the unknown. A look at the reasons for inactivity and its systems will help here to understand our very own personalities and the   gimmicks we indulge into to accept the death of intellect for future growth.

Our inertia causes downward growth when we:

  • Leave decisions of our life to others
  • Always complain about the lack of time
  • Always complain about lack of resources
  • Always complain about lack of opportunities
  • Get irritated for non achievements
  • Can not find any topic of interest to discuss with friends/ family
  • Simply talk of doing great things
  • Sleep either more or less than necessary
  • Avoid career discussions

The way to self realization is replete with many challenges and rewards. Challenges to understand and synergize our strengths and weakness to either thwart the threats and or also to en-cash and en-value the opportunities. This can come only when we make all efforts to take out some time for our own self development.

I am reminded of the famous words of Dov Frohman when he says “every leader should routinely keep a substantial portion of his or her time—I would say as much as 50 percent—unscheduled. … Only when you have substantial ’slop’ in your schedule—unscheduled time—will you have the space to reflect on what you are doing, learn from experience, and recover from your inevitable mistakes. Leaders without such free time end up tackling issues only when there is an immediate or visible problem”.

We get stuck up in the rut of ordinary routine when we refuse to take out time for ourselves. We must take out time to reflect and think as to which way we can improve our lives, our mental ability, our leadership qualities, our positive yet differentiating strengths to keep us ahead from the others in the race to self realization. Every day at the end of the day we must reflect as to what happened during the course of the day. We must examine in the process whether the experience has been a positive gain or a negative abrasion. Such critical analysis of experiencing will make us imbibe the positive within us for future enjoyments and the negatives will either be left behind or accumulated for   future corrections.

Only a very conscious effort made to learn from our experiences and mistakes can open the path  to the progress and make us effective leaders. Let us begin this today itself  by asking ourselves very basic and simple questions:

  • What was my today intended for?
  • Did I do what I had planned?
  • Did I achieve what was I trying to achieve?
  • What had contributed to this achievement?
  • What could I not achieve and why?
  • Is the non achievement any way affecting my life’s long term plans?
  • In what way is my non achievement affecting others?
  • What can be the long term / short term affects (positive or negative) for me and others?
  • Can I do the same thing differently next time?
  • Can I do any thing to improve upon whatever I did today?
  • Can I make my family, colleagues, co-workers, friends, partners in this route to improvement?

Our introspective reflections will bring forth the positive thoughts amongst others too, whose opinions do count for us and who can be instrumentals/ motivators in helping us get up and get going in a more constructive approach for future accomplishment.

Get up -get going 12

You can not impress people by saying “I will do this”. You do this and let them be stunned. Life lived in postponement is no life. It becomes like a cheque of billions of dollars in pocket that can not be en-cashed. The best method of getting the best out of your life is to create. You must dream, desire and create. Let the fantasy become the reality by dreaming, visualizing and attaining. The dreams have always been the harbinger of development of the society. Some one dreamed of flying and we have an aircraft, someone else dreamt of an automobile and we have cars of all kind. Some one else dreamt scaling the Mount Everest and we have the human potential being utilized to it’s fullest.
We must let the dreams become blue prints of our life. The dreams will lead us to our real and desired places in life provided we take care of our dreams and bring them up the way we rear our children and make them better citizens of this wonderful world. Let us decide our route to our desired destination today by adopting the following tough steps for each one of our souls
1. A tougher introspection will help;
• Ask yourself where am I currently
• What do I want to accomplish in near future- distant future
• Do I enjoy what I am doing
• How do I make it enjoyable if I do not
2. Begin today with a solid dream list:
• Write as many dreams as possible
• Let your fancy take the front seat
• Forget about your limitations which are only earthly
• Imagine you have all the power to realize the dream list
3. Search for partners in your dreams realization:
• Let you family become a partner
• Let your coworkers become a partner
• Let your boss/junior become a partner for your dreams
• Share as many dreams as possible
• You never know who might be carrying the torch for you to guide you to the other end of the tunnel
4. Select four major goals for the current year
• Personal goal
• Work/ professional goal
• Relationship objective
• Financial objective
Let us understand if any of your dreams match that objective or lead to that objective- then stay focused.
5. Develop an action plan for each goal so identified by you
• Establish a schedule for each goal
• Anticipate trade offs
• Prioritize trade offs
• Strategize milestones
• Share with important people partners
• Start walking, enjoying breathers on the way
6. Let each goal be the contributor to your life’s growth plan
• What do I want to achieve in my life
• Do these goals meet my value orientation
• What is my own value perception
• What is my value destination
• Will these goals take me there
• How do I get to reach there
7. Taking charge of self

• Each day contains 24 hours only
• Design life growth plan to fit into 24 hours
• Have a healthy mix of fun and work in these 24 hours
• Prioritize fun and work
• Learn to say no to frivolities
• Punctualise yourself to save on time
• Develop a time plan for the day
• Choose and act as the plan directs
• Five practice strategies will help
 Write a diary and carry it along
 Write down new demand coming up
 Accord priority for any thing new coming up
 Set a new deadline for its completion
 Plan the day daily to accommodate deviation

We all need to reach our dream destination and a little planning in life can take us closer to  fulfillment of our desires. let us all get up and get going …..