It may sound strange to many marketers . but it is time the marketers went for a soul searching as to how far have they been responsible in bringing down the utopian palaces of cards that they had helped their CEOS to build in the shape of Housing loans hiving in U.S. (which ultimately resulted in the sub prime effect), creating unethically glorified images of success achieved in companies like Satyam and many more.
I believe and many of us agree also to this belief that the Dreams of the CEOS are given a practical shape and name by the marketers only. it is again the marketing only that provides a good looking and appealing makeover to the dreams so that these become saleable. There is nothing wrong in doing that if marketing has understood its visionary responsibility and cautioned both the CEO and the affected customers about the pitfalls that lie ahead of 
these glorified dreams .But it is also true that we marketers in order to please our bosses many a times forgo our visionary professional responsibility (which is keeping the customer interest above everything else) and bent too much on our back to let the bosses ride rough shod on us . so much the better but then we are also willing to accept all flack on their behalf. It is time we as ,marketers understood our role more seriously and stop selling a will o the wisp to our customers. The facts however hard presented truly will bring more loyal customers rather than moving them away .