The times are not bad but challenging. Every thing in the market place is getting topsy turvy. Customers are reducing the purchase spend .Channels are showing their helplessness in the event of non conversion of footfalls . Their business suffers , so do ours in return. 
Industrial production goes down, freight movement has been down by almost 35 to 40 percent in states like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Panjab. under such a turbulent situation , marketing certainly has to play a very large , positive and objective role. 
Besides the traditional role of selling , the need of the hour is to look for value innovations . Value innovations in market and channel coverage, value innovation in product usage, value innovation in finding New market space.New opportunities.Untapped potentials.New profit and growth opportunities.that and only that can help all of us in rising out of the bloodied marketing turbulence prevailing currently… these times call for strategic moves, timely managerial and business decisions and of course positive and objective mindsets. The marketing strategy will have to evolve :Value innovation.
Value innovation does not mean “ bench marking”.
Does not mean beating the competition.
Value innovation means
Creating a leap in value for buyer and company by aligning innovation with utility price (to the customer ) and cost ( to organization).
Thus ensuring sustained demand which could see all of us sailing successfully through the tough times and bringing new growth opportunities.