He had sneaked into our country challenging the might of the largest armed forces in the world. He had the audacity to kill and maime hundreds in full public view. He was watched by millions of television  viewers  when he was  running around totting his automatic gun on the streets of Mumbai.Thousands had seen him shooting down  our brave police officers of Mumbai Police force.

Yet “Kasab” is playing to the galleries by first claiming that he is only  a minor and then stating that he is not guilty. And look at  us we sincerely believe that a guest is an honorable  guest ,even when he happens to be the murderer of our sacred  sovereignity,  the marauder of our brave soldiers and the butcher of our innocent souls.    This so because in the eyes of the law  he stands not guilty till proven in the court of law. Untill then we will provide him the most expensive security system, the luxury of perfumes and the privilege of taking a walk in the leisure valley of the guarded fourwalls . 

What a way to treat the enemy of our nation.