The fourth round of voting to the Indian parliament has just been completed. Much euphoria has been expressed over voting figure of 50 percent and above polling in many states. The politicians are very happy that at least they were able to pullout half of the voters’ population of the country out of their five year old sleep and convince them to go to the polling booth and cast their vote.  No one however, not even the politician have asked one single question to the other fifty percent who did not go to vote, as to what kept them away from the task of deciding the future of their own and the fate of their descendents .

  The apathy of Indian voter is note worthy and makes one wonder, when this largest democracy of the world will face a natural deoxidization. The champions in avoiding the votes this time are J&K (24%) – the writ of the terrorist still prevails there, BIHAR 34 percent ( where are you Lalluji, Paswanji, and Nitish Kumarji, and the  loudest gun of them all Shatrughan Sinhaji)  . though our kudos to Bengali bhadralok for coming out in great numbers and exercising their franchise. But where were those who did not vote. Do they need a government whip to force them to come out of their slumber and vote?

The intelligentsia possibly will prefer a stringent law which should force all people to go to the polling booths and cast their votes. But then where will democracy survive?