Mr. Ramneek Kapoor has joined as Director,Corporate Excellence Development Program,Kothari Business  School, Indore.

This unique and innovative program has been entirely developed and designed under his directorship.

Seven weeks intensive classroom and one week practical training in each program focuses on complete development of the student through interactive sessions on the following behavioral makeover programs:

  • Personal makeover  program
  • Professional makeover  program
  • Corporate makeover program

It has been proved by the extensive research conducted by our behavioral scientists that the students fresh out of the school and college are too overawed by their exposure to the outside world which has been moving at a pace beyond their comprehension. These   young men and women need to look at life from the perspective of an adult at this age; at the same time they must preserve their innocence to retain the originality and inquisitiveness of the young mind.  This program, after intensive sessions with industry experts, behavioral scientists and management thinkers have evolved an innovative study curriculum to meet this most desired need of giving them training into their youthful outlook, social thinking process and  career objectivity. These programs have been designed with the clear understanding and faith that after undergoing such rigorous training of MAKEOVER PROGRAMS, our youngsters  will be definitely able to make a mark for themselves in all walks  of their lives.  The interactive  training porgram will particularly help them  for getting placements into the best of the companies, nationally as well as internationally.

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