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Get up and get going – Part 2

Do we really remember how often had we fallen when we learnt to crawl, walk and then run in our childhood? Most probably not because we had all along been  focusing on the organic growth of  our lives when we moved from infancy to childhood to young age. Each time we would fall  while learning to pedal a bicycle, we would come back with a determination to succeed this time and eventually we learnt the tricks. Remember we would then enjoy the same trick of pedaling our tiny bicycles with both our hands free from the handles of the bicycle. But what kept us going after each fall was the encouragement we would get from the protective hands of our parents or elder brothers and  sisters . Their pepping up always encouraged us to do better.

We now wonder as to where has this pep talk that could tell us to get up and get going vanished . Believe me it has not vanished anywhere. It  exists today also . Possibly today it  can be seen in the eyes of our young sons  and  daughters. Just look into their eyes and onto their confident faces when they see their parents fighting out the challenges of life with yet another strong determined mindset and  bounce back after having had  a  set back in life. The support system of doing better once again  can be found in the comforting words and gestures of the life partners and good friends when they tell you to forget the vagaries of life and try an alternative route that could take you to greater  glory  of success.

I once saw a convoy of ants moving in a very disciplined manner in a straight line to their hive. The ants were lead by the leader of the pack and they were all running to reach  the comfort of their  hive after a day’s hard work . They were clutching small tit bits into their tiny mouths, to be hidden away from the other predators. Out of sheer curiosity and to check whether I could disturb and dissuade the disciplined run of  ants’ convoy I  just sprinkled a few drops of water  on the floor . I had expected ants to give up going in the direction that they  had been following.I was sure  they would now   get lost as the straight line that they had been following behind each other had been disturbed. But to my utter dismay all  the ants instead of getting lost or dissuaded from their  path became more determined to reach their  destination. They would just take a detour away from the wet patch on the floor  and rejoin their  companions who had moved ahead  of them . A few of the ants even climbed the wall high up to avoid the water thrown by me on their route and after covering a good height will climb down to join the straight line of their friends moving forward.

Life beckons us to move ahead in the same way. Come highs or come lows the route to glory should never be abandoned .We must  find  a detour every time we come across the obstacles and continue   our journey to the destination.  There are enough support systems available who tell us to get up once again and get going. The caring hands of God the Almighty are always with us to protect us from any fall  that we might comprehend or be apprehensive of. Let us just get up and get going. Success is just round the corner……..may be just a step ahead.


Does marketing Share the onus of slowdown

It may sound strange to many marketers . but it is time the marketers went for a soul searching as to how far have they been responsible in bringing down the utopian palaces of cards that they had helped their CEOS to build in the shape of Housing loans hiving in U.S. (which ultimately resulted in the sub prime effect), creating unethically glorified images of success achieved in companies like Satyam and many more.
I believe and many of us agree also to this belief that the Dreams of the CEOS are given a practical shape and name by the marketers only. it is again the marketing only that provides a good looking and appealing makeover to the dreams so that these become saleable. There is nothing wrong in doing that if marketing has understood its visionary responsibility and cautioned both the CEO and the affected customers about the pitfalls that lie ahead of 
these glorified dreams .But it is also true that we marketers in order to please our bosses many a times forgo our visionary professional responsibility (which is keeping the customer interest above everything else) and bent too much on our back to let the bosses ride rough shod on us . so much the better but then we are also willing to accept all flack on their behalf. It is time we as ,marketers understood our role more seriously and stop selling a will o the wisp to our customers. The facts however hard presented truly will bring more loyal customers rather than moving them away .


The times are not bad but challenging. Every thing in the market place is getting topsy turvy. Customers are reducing the purchase spend .Channels are showing their helplessness in the event of non conversion of footfalls . Their business suffers , so do ours in return. 
Industrial production goes down, freight movement has been down by almost 35 to 40 percent in states like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Panjab. under such a turbulent situation , marketing certainly has to play a very large , positive and objective role. 
Besides the traditional role of selling , the need of the hour is to look for value innovations . Value innovations in market and channel coverage, value innovation in product usage, value innovation in finding New market space.New opportunities.Untapped potentials.New profit and growth opportunities.that and only that can help all of us in rising out of the bloodied marketing turbulence prevailing currently… these times call for strategic moves, timely managerial and business decisions and of course positive and objective mindsets. The marketing strategy will have to evolve :Value innovation.
Value innovation does not mean “ bench marking”.
Does not mean beating the competition.
Value innovation means
Creating a leap in value for buyer and company by aligning innovation with utility price (to the customer ) and cost ( to organization).
Thus ensuring sustained demand which could see all of us sailing successfully through the tough times and bringing new growth opportunities.

Get up and get going – Part 1

Many a times, life becomes a difficult hill to climb. It poses so many uphill climbs and downhill slides full of rocks,   pebbles and stones that the mind gets boggled and goes numb. But then the same life also presents the challenges that men and women will love to surmount. Has the mankind not been pleased by defeating any and every obstacle that comes in its way to the progress of life.  Can we imagine for a minute the sense of achievement and the heavenly bliss and the excitement Sherpa Tenzing and Edmund Hillary must have experienced when they had hoisted the national flags of their respective countries after having reached the top of the Mount Everest? Did they for a minute ignore the obstacles and the difficulties they had faced while climbing .or for that matter does Bachhendri Pal not remember the avalanches and the snow storms when she dares to conquer the mountains again.  I am sure she must be remembering all the tough times, the turbulent weather and the impediments, the life threatening moments and the life saving graces   while climbing those daunting mountains again And again. It is the thrill of overcoming the difficulties and the obstructions

But how many of us can look at life as a challenge and take a vow every time we go downhill to bounce back again.  We mortals get overawed and deterred by the insignificant obstacles conjured and made big by our fearful minds.  We do not try with full faith in ourselves and complete trust in God almighty, because of the negativity controlling our minds. The negativity forces us to negate our own powers, our own objectivity and positivity. The result is that we concede and give in even before the skies above could give us the results of our sincere efforts. Just think of those Olympians who having lost the chance to win a gold medal in one Olympics , do not give up but continue with their practice for next four years   with the   hopes  and determination that next time they will make it.

These truths are not mere stories to motivate but experiences to be shared with men and women to tell them that you still can do it. Just get up and get moving the mountain top waits for you .


He had sneaked into our country challenging the might of the largest armed forces in the world. He had the audacity to kill and maime hundreds in full public view. He was watched by millions of television  viewers  when he was  running around totting his automatic gun on the streets of Mumbai.Thousands had seen him shooting down  our brave police officers of Mumbai Police force.

Yet “Kasab” is playing to the galleries by first claiming that he is only  a minor and then stating that he is not guilty. And look at  us we sincerely believe that a guest is an honorable  guest ,even when he happens to be the murderer of our sacred  sovereignity,  the marauder of our brave soldiers and the butcher of our innocent souls.    This so because in the eyes of the law  he stands not guilty till proven in the court of law. Untill then we will provide him the most expensive security system, the luxury of perfumes and the privilege of taking a walk in the leisure valley of the guarded fourwalls . 

What a way to treat the enemy of our nation.


The fourth round of voting to the Indian parliament has just been completed. Much euphoria has been expressed over voting figure of 50 percent and above polling in many states. The politicians are very happy that at least they were able to pullout half of the voters’ population of the country out of their five year old sleep and convince them to go to the polling booth and cast their vote.  No one however, not even the politician have asked one single question to the other fifty percent who did not go to vote, as to what kept them away from the task of deciding the future of their own and the fate of their descendents .

  The apathy of Indian voter is note worthy and makes one wonder, when this largest democracy of the world will face a natural deoxidization. The champions in avoiding the votes this time are J&K (24%) – the writ of the terrorist still prevails there, BIHAR 34 percent ( where are you Lalluji, Paswanji, and Nitish Kumarji, and the  loudest gun of them all Shatrughan Sinhaji)  . though our kudos to Bengali bhadralok for coming out in great numbers and exercising their franchise. But where were those who did not vote. Do they need a government whip to force them to come out of their slumber and vote?

The intelligentsia possibly will prefer a stringent law which should force all people to go to the polling booths and cast their votes. But then where will democracy survive?

Third book ” Communication for Retail Professionals”

book 3 (1)Mr. Kapoor’s third book  ” Communication for Retail  Professionals “, published by Tata  McGraw-Hill .